About Estate Property Solutions

Estate Property Solutions is a family business, proudly Dunedin owned and operated. With over ten years in the industry, Graham and his family realised there was a real need in Dunedin, particularly for those out of town, or for the elderly and disabled, to have a helping hand with the management of their estate, whether that be a deceased estate, or the transition of a family member into care. Graham and the sensitive team at Estate Property Solutions offer a wide range of services and have a wealth of experience, not only in health and safety, but professional cleaning, and in caring for the elderly and disabled. Let the compassionate and friendly team at Estate Property Solutions carry you through the process.

Glenda Burgess
Project Manager

Glenda started at Estate Property Solutions in a part time capacity at the onset of the company. With over 6 years of experience working with the elderly and in the mental health sector, Glenda’s compassionate nature and sensitivity has helped Estate Property Solutions thrive.

With 3 years’ experience as a Health and Safety officer at Cadbury’s, Glenda holds a certificate in Health and Safety to Level 2 and is knowledgeable on the appropriate disposal of hazardous waste and goods. Which is a great asset in her current role as Project Manager at Estate Property Solutions.

Glenda finds her role incredibly rewarding, particularly seeing the project to completion. Whether that is a successful home sale, or stress-free transition for a client to care, or a clean and tidy home. Glenda gets a lot of satisfaction from helping others and their families through what could potentially be a turbulent time in their lives. Glenda says, “Taking that worry away is what really makes my role with Estate Property Solutions so worthwhile.”

Glenda’s extensive experience in cleaning also means she is incredibly sensitive and thorough. She takes great pride in finding those special mementos for her clients and their family.

In her spare time, Glenda enjoys spending time with her beautiful grandchildren and knitting for them. She is also a keen walker, and likes to get out for a walk most days.

Glenda Burgess, Project Manager at Estate Property Solutions
Graham Burgess
Project Manager

Estate Property Solutions was founded in early 2011. A part time family business at first, Graham's attention to detail, sensitivity, and professionalism, has grown Estate Property Solutions into the full-time business that it is today. Graham is often described as the man who has gone above and beyond for his customers and prides himself on carrying his clients through what is often a difficult process, to make it as simple and painless as possible.

Graham is passionate about aged care, social work and helping those with disabilities. He has a National Certificate in Health, Disability and Aged Support at Level 3. Through his business, Graham likes to support those in need. For example, Estate Property Solutions sometimes outsource any major gardening work to the Community Care Trust which support youth and adults with intellectual disabilities.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, particularly his grandchildren. Forever and always a handyman, he’s currently enjoying working on fixing up his newly purchased home.

Graham Burgess, Project Manager and Estate Property Solutions