Testimonials From Our Clients

Some of our customers have been kind enough to write us a testimonial.  You can find them below as we add them.

Alan – Deceased Estate

I heard of Estate Property Solutions from radio advertising and personal recommendations. I was impressed with their service and would recommend them to others. Graham was pleasant to deal with and very willing to fit in with the times I was available, so I didn't need to take the time off work that I was expecting to. The team took good care of shifting everything out of my father's apartment and into my house, and were concerned that everything was in good condition and properly set up. He also managed to obtain a good price for something I was told I might have a problem even giving away. He obviously has plenty of experience in his line of work and knows the best way to approach it.

Fiona – Deceased Estate, Downsizing & Relocating

I wish we had known about Graham and his business Estate Property Solutions when we were discussing our wills and planning our funerals. After my partner passed, I decided to sell my family home, relocate to a new town and settle in a small townhouse.
Three months later, I finally had decluttered and downsized. The house was ready to go on the property market. I was exhausted! A cat found its way into the basement, panicked when it couldn’t get out and ripped off some lining paper. Devastated, I contacted Public Trust for advice who fortunately sensed my distress and suggested I contact Graham who became a valuable trusted friend.
I was a recently widowed woman and Graham had to earn my trust. He proved to be a good listener with exceptional communication skills. Together we devised a plan to help me move forward. Graham has a team of reliable and experienced tradespeople working with him so I didn’t have to find my own tradespeople. He helped me prioritise the repairs, select items to take to my new home and advised how to wisely dispose of unwanted items.
Quite simply, Graham removed the heavy load from my tired shoulders. I strongly recommend Graham and his business Estate Property Solutions.

Andrea - Helping with the Transition to Rest Home Care

I found Graham and his team's services to be extremely helpful at a difficult time for the family. They were professional, efficient and friendly. They used their initiative and paid attention to the details, such as sentimental items that we may have overlooked. They left the house spotlessly clean and sorted out all the house contents so items went to appropriate places such as charities, or dealers. They organised subcontractors and met them at the property. I would highly recommend Estate Property Solutions.

Lisa Jamieson - helping a friend to downsize

I recently met Graham and the team when they helped a friend of mine by packing and shifting her into her new flat after her house was sold. They were amazing with her as she is not able to do much for herself. They helped carry and unpack everything. Made sure she was set for her first night in the house then back the next morning to finish things with her. Thank you so much guys for all you do. I will keep your card and give them to anyone I know needing help.

Susan – Downsizing

I came across Graham’s ad in the Age Concern Magazine. Graham and Paul completed more than a few maintenance jobs. They were very prompt and just so helpful - such pleasant people - and all the other firms he suggested were like that too. It was one of the best decisions I made around that time.

In the past, I’d found it difficult finding a good handyman. Builders would neglect finishing work properly, sliding doors were stuck, that sort of thing. Some things that seemed may have taken hours took Graham and Paul only minutes to sort out, almost like they had a magic wand! There was a doorbell I’d been meaning to install for around 18 months, it took them all of ten minutes. It was such a relief to get things fixed after such a long time.

With Graham, you’ve got someone who you feel is totally honest, reliable and straight forward. He’s transparent in all his dealings and it’s such a pleasure to do business with him. He’s top-notch.

Zoe – Preparing an Estate For Sale

We were selling our house and were time-constrained. I was looking for an all-in-one solution; someone who could get everything squared away so that the property was neat, repaired and ready for sale. The experience was fantastic. I was worried initially that they only dealt with deceased estates, but Graham said he could help, no problem.

I really needed that person who could manage the whole project and get in tradespeople. He knew what needed to be done to get the property ready for sale without blowing our budget. Graham organised everything, keeping us updated all the way along, and the result was great; all repairs done, the house was repainted inside, and cleaned outside, and the garden was tidy.

Throughout the process, Graham was cheerful, polite and easy to deal with. I liked his attention to detail and they were timely and thorough. I appreciate the care he put into things, and how he respects the wishes and belongings of his clientele. They prioritised the jobs which would have maximum impact on the house sale price, and while I'm sure that it would have cost less if I'd skipped the repainting, I also think that having the house looking so neat helped put a good offer on the table. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Graham to others who are looking for help when it comes to preparing an estate for sale.

Heather McConnell – Deceased Estate

I first found out about Graham and Estate Property Solutions through St Barnabas Rest Home, where mum was at that time. Before that, I didn’t realise there was this kind of service out there. Graham was absolutely fantastic and we could not have had better service. If it wasn’t for Graham, I might still be knee-deep in it.

I was the only child in Dunedin, with two brothers out of town. While mum was still here, we started to sort through things together. Once mum passed away, I found myself walking from room to room thinking what do I do with all this stuff?

I initially found it hard to hand over and involve Estate Property Solutions in the process, but Graham and Glenda were very respectful. They don’t just throw stuff out but sort through everything. They found some things, things that will be valuable going forward – in a sentimental way. They really made the extra effort. Graham was just awesome finding mementos and fixing things.

They suggested what might be worth selling, so we managed to get some money back on a few items, they also suggested what could be donated. I was happy for some things to be given away. In the end, what’s important is important, the rest is just stuff. It can be overwhelming at the end and they helped sort it. It’s a real journey and I think Graham does a great job and offers a great service.

He gave us a rough indication of what it would cost, and it was pretty much on the mark. It was worth every cent to us and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to people and do recommend him.

Rachael – Large Deceased Estate

Graham was a godsend. My sister lives in Dunedin, while I live in Invercargill and we both work full time, with the death of our mother in January 2018, we had a large home that had been with our family for years to prepare for sale. Graham was incredibly helpful.

He did so much for us, after we had completed an initial sorting of things, he came in and co-ordinated a lot of the possessions and furniture – to auction houses, to my sister, down to Invercargill and even to my brother in Switzerland. He sold the piano, arranged for someone to do the garden. After the removal of furniture, it obviously needed a good clean and with five bedrooms - it was a big job. They pulled up the carpets, tidied up and made repairs. He was so nice throughout the whole process, never intrusive, he just made it so much easier for us.

For us, Graham just co-ordinated a whole lot of stuff for us. He was very adaptable; if I was only available on a Saturday, he made time for us. He knows a lot of people like lawyers, estate agents, book specialists, you name it, and if you’re stuck, he will give you advice on what do to and where to go. If you need something done, he will get it done. It’s a difficult time, and when you’re working full time it can be hard to liaise with all the different people. He was able to be there for us.

He made a situation that can be stressful and at times overwhelming, a whole lot easier. He did an absolute stack of work for us, and at a very reasonable price, he comes highly recommended from us.

Irene Russell - Public Trust

We at Public Trust have dealt with Estate Property Solutions since they commenced their business and we are always impressed by their professionalism and commitment to doing a fantastic job. Our clients call us to let us know how delighted they have been with their services. There has never been a job that they couldn't do for us and they always manage to exceed our expectations of providing excellent customer service. I would and do recommend them to all of our clients.

Sarah Sharp – A Good Life

Graham assisted me to transition an elderly woman from her two-bedroom home (where she resided for thirty years) into a single rest home unit. This was a sensitive assignment as throughout the years, the client had become overwhelmed by her circumstances and the majority of the house and possessions had remained untouched for years.

Graham had a huge job ahead of him, sorting through all the items and working with the client to establish where all the items should go. For the transition to go ahead, it was vital that the client felt comfortable.

Graham was remarkable. His manner was incredibly compassionate, kind, and his level of communication was excellent. He took his time to understand the individual's wants and needs. He made sure he was clear about the clients’ wishes, at each stage of the process.

It has been a pleasure working with Graham. Working with someone to transition to a rest home requires a lot of trust and Graham is someone I feel I can rely on to establish this trust. He is patient, honest, non-judgemental and transparent; every step of the way.  I look forward to working with him again in the future. 

Linda – Deceased Estate

I had a lot on my plate sorted out my mother’s estate and coordinating her funeral and everything after her death when Graham was recommended to me by two people, first from the real estate agent and also from a local Dunedin auction house. I’m based up in Whangarei and by that stage was flying backwards and forwards between there and Dunedin, trying to organise everything.

Graham came in and he was just amazing. Nothing was a problem, he was incredibly helpful and an absolute joy to deal with. Nothing was too small, he sorted out little things like light bulbs and lifted wallpaper. When the house was empty, little things can show up, and he sorted them all. He coordinated with the agent and he went in and took photos, he then came back to me and was methodical and thoughtful about the process.

He doesn’t just throw things away but goes through them, he sorts things that would be good for charity, what might be mementos, and what he thinks could be on-sold. He sent me photos of some things I might want and then organised for things to be sent up North for me.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Graham, I was at the other end of the country and I know he deals with people who are overseas, he’s just so great to deal with and such a nice person, he made the whole process just so much easier.

Allister Preston – Waikouiti

I had cut an ad out of the ODT and had it floating around for a while before calling Estate Property Solutions.

At 88, I’m relocating back to Christchurch and had a collection of around 50 years of stuff sitting in the garage, some of which I hadn’t touched for some time. I realised that what I had in the garage really isn’t of much use to me anymore, and a lot of it is of very little value, in this day and age, so I decided to use Estate Property Solutions.

It was genuinely worrying to me what I was going to do with it all, Graham and his team solved that problem in an hour and a half. They didn’t just throw away everything either and with this sort of thing, there’s a fair bit of trust involved. My items were genuinely sold with a very detailed invoice and I like that a lot of it ended up going to charity.

They were very friendly and easy to get along with. There’s a real need for their services in Dunedin. Especially for people with no family to help out, Graham and his team are genuine. I would recommend them to anyone in a similar situation. They’re doing a great job for people like me.

Lana Lloyd - Gallaway Cook Allan Lawyers

As a law firm which handles estate administration, we occasionally have the need to contract companies to provide a range of services.  The advantage of Estate Property Solutions is that no task is too large or too small and their scope of work covers such a large range of duties that realistically they can handle most requirements – and if not, they can contract the appropriate organisation to attend to the task required and oversee that work.  It frees us up to continue with the legal work.  We have used the services of Graham and his team on a few occasions and the service is exceptional – fulfilling the brief to top standards and on one occasion really going the extra mile to try to assist us in providing avenues to contact the appropriate persons in Auckland!  We have also referred clients directly to Estate Property Solutions and they have worked directly with the clients to assist them with photographing household items and arranging shipping to other cities, at the appropriate times.  On a personal level, I have found Graham to be an extremely helpful person, his willingness to assist is exemplary and any work completed by Graham and his team has been completed to a very high standard.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Estate Property Solutions to clients or friends.


Finding Graham and Estate Property Solutions made a big difference for our family. A task that had seemed quite overwhelming became a lot more manageable. They had the knowledge, experience and expertise to help assess what needed to be done and suggest what method might be the best way to achieve that. They helped construct a timetable and strategy and were practical and hands on in making it happen both through their own work and their network of contacts. They solved the big problems and the some of the little ones that had us stumped. Also, they made things happen in caring and conscientious way which makes a big difference.
I would highly recommend Estate Property Solutions to any family working through the process of a deceased estate in Dunedin.

Paolo Guglietta - Gillions Funeral Services

Our company engaged the services of Estate Property Solutions on behalf of one of our client families to clear out and prepare a deceased estate for sale. Graham and Neville arranged everything from rubbish removal, from within and around the property to restoring the inside to a presentable condition. The communication from Estate Property Solutions was professional, sensitive and kept the family well informed regarding the level of involvement required along with a realistic estimate for their services. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact them in the future to assist us.

Wayne Cockburn - Business Development Manager CCT

As you are aware CCT contracts to Estate Property Solutions with our Garden Crew Business to complement the Estate work your business undertakes in the Dunedin metropolitan area. We wish to thank you for the ongoing relationship we have built on in the last few years, your business is very professional in its way it deals with its clients, exhibiting a high level of integrity and respect for the customers you deal with, many of at a time in life when their time in their home has come to an end or when a family member is left to deal with winding up the estate. CCT wishes Estate Property Solutions the continued success and look forward to building on what one can describe as a partnership to complement your business. Thank you.

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