Heather McConnell – Deceased Estate

I first found out about Graham and Estate Property Solutions through St Barnabas Rest Home, where mum was at that time. Before that, I didn’t realise there was this kind of service out there. Graham was absolutely fantastic and we could not have had better service. If it wasn’t for Graham, I might still be knee-deep in it.

I was the only child in Dunedin, with two brothers out of town. While mum was still here, we started to sort through things together. Once mum passed away, I found myself walking from room to room thinking what do I do with all this stuff?

I initially found it hard to hand over and involve Estate Property Solutions in the process, but Graham and Glenda were very respectful. They don’t just throw stuff out but sort through everything. They found some things, things that will be valuable going forward – in a sentimental way. They really made the extra effort. Graham was just awesome finding mementos and fixing things.

They suggested what might be worth selling, so we managed to get some money back on a few items, they also suggested what could be donated. I was happy for some things to be given away. In the end, what’s important is important, the rest is just stuff. It can be overwhelming at the end and they helped sort it. It’s a real journey and I think Graham does a great job and offers a great service.

He gave us a rough indication of what it would cost, and it was pretty much on the mark. It was worth every cent to us and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to people and do recommend him.

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