Jo – Preparing an Estate for Sale

I highly recommend Graham’s service to anyone dealing with, as I was, the family home after my mother and father moved quickly to aged care. Graham was respectful and understanding with my parents, which reassured them that their beloved house was in good hands.

In my dealings with Graham, I have found him to be trustworthy, honourable, considerate, and easy to communicate with. Until I was able to find the time to make decisions about the home, Graham did a weekly check over the property and made sure the grass was mowed and the garden weeded.

I was lucky to have the time to remove all the possessions that my parents wanted from the property and leave the daunting task of dealing with the excess to Graham. (I believe he does offer the complete service of going through a property for you if you haven’t the time). After I handed over the property to Graham, he efficiently organised a dealer for the remaining items that could be sold, donated whatever he could to charities, and removed the rest to the tip.

He then arranged for the house to be professionally cleaned, ensuring the whole place was spotless (including carpets and windows), and ready for our real estate agent. He continued to oversee the property and garden until the handover to the new owners.

I was continually delighted at his thoughtfulness and attention to detail. He certainly stands out above any other property service I have ever encountered, and I am very grateful for his assistance.

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