Linda – Deceased Estate

I had a lot on my plate sorted out my mother’s estate and coordinating her funeral and everything after her death when Graham was recommended to me by two people, first from the real estate agent and also from a local Dunedin auction house. I’m based up in Whangarei and by that stage was flying backwards and forwards between there and Dunedin, trying to organise everything.

Graham came in and he was just amazing. Nothing was a problem, he was incredibly helpful and an absolute joy to deal with. Nothing was too small, he sorted out little things like light bulbs and lifted wallpaper. When the house was empty, little things can show up, and he sorted them all. He coordinated with the agent and he went in and took photos, he then came back to me and was methodical and thoughtful about the process.

He doesn’t just throw things away but goes through them, he sorts things that would be good for charity, what might be mementos, and what he thinks could be on-sold. He sent me photos of some things I might want and then organised for things to be sent up North for me.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Graham, I was at the other end of the country and I know he deals with people who are overseas, he’s just so great to deal with and such a nice person, he made the whole process just so much easier.

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