Sarah Sharp – A Good Life

Graham assisted me to transition an elderly woman from her two-bedroom home (where she resided for thirty years) into a single rest home unit. This was a sensitive assignment as throughout the years, the client had become overwhelmed by her circumstances and the majority of the house and possessions had remained untouched for years.

Graham had a huge job ahead of him, sorting through all the items and working with the client to establish where all the items should go. For the transition to go ahead, it was vital that the client felt comfortable.

Graham was remarkable. His manner was incredibly compassionate, kind, and his level of communication was excellent. He took his time to understand the individual's wants and needs. He made sure he was clear about the clients’ wishes, at each stage of the process.

It has been a pleasure working with Graham. Working with someone to transition to a rest home requires a lot of trust and Graham is someone I feel I can rely on to establish this trust. He is patient, honest, non-judgemental and transparent; every step of the way.  I look forward to working with him again in the future. 

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