Shona - Helping with the Transition of family to Rest Home Care

In November last year, I had to make the trip to Dunedin from Auckland to organise the removal of the contents from my Aunt’s Council Flat. She had reached the point in her life where she was no longer able to take care of herself so had recently moved to a Rest Home. My Aunt’s Age Care Support Worker mentioned that Estate Property Solutions could help.

I phoned Graham and organised a meeting with him at the flat. Graham made me feel comfortable from the moment I meet him. He was very understanding of my need to have time to go through my Aunt’s possessions to decide what personal and important things I wanted to keep for her and our family.

Graham was always friendly and professional and I felt the weight of this enormous and emotional job lift off me when he told me how he was going to handle the removal of everything that I did not want. After he had finished removing everything, he rang to let me know he’d found a few extra things that he thought we might want and arranged the package and post of these, which I’m very grateful he did.

I would like to thank Graham, Glenda, and the team for the work they did on behalf of my Aunt. Without them, I don’t know how I would have been able to clear the flat out, or how long it would have taken me. Especially since I don’t live in Dunedin and don’t know my way around very well. I’m so happy that they made a very difficult job a lot easier for me. It was not an easy or very pleasant job, so I am thankful I had their care and expertise.

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